Configurable variable resistors are called potentiometers. These potentiometers are available in options of rotary and slide potentiometers. The other variable of potentiometers is the knob size and resistance type. The possibilities in the resistance values are A, B, and C resistance types with values of 5K,10K, and 20K up to 500K. The resistance value is a variable move in Linear, Exponential, and Reverse log variations.
The knob size and types also vary with V, F, I, and T type and sizes of 10 mm to 35 mm. Duel rotary potentiometers also have significant applications in the industry. These have six contact pins and dual variable resistance with one rotary knob. The major brands for Potentiometers available with Swastik Mechatronics are SEC and ALPHA electronics. The various types of potentiometers available with us are rotary potentiometer, slide potentiometer, sec potentiometer and dual potentiometer.

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Q] What Brands do you have in potentiometers ?

We provide SEC and Alpha electronics potentiometer which are the best in class brands for variable resistors.

Q] Do you have 2 watt POT ?

Yes we do, please refers to TO0197 for more information or contact us at 9599895526 or email us at swastikmechatronics@gmail.com

Q] Do you provide C type resistance potentiometers ?

Yes, we provide C type variable resistors. We also deliver A and B variable resistos.

Do you have 65 mm Side potentiometer ?

Yes have 45 mm to 120 mm slide potentiometers. Please refer to these products SL35SL248