VTR Switches on the basis of their functionality can be differentiated into latching and non latching functionalities. Also, there are a variety of sizes and number of contact pins in these VTR switches. this leads to a huge use case of these switches which include circuit current controller, switching multiple functionalities in a circuit etc. Usually VTR Switches are used in circuits where there is lower area for usage. Thus, smaller and precise circuits use VTR switches whereas Rocker switches, micro switches and push switches are used where the circuits have bigger area to spare. Therefore, High cycle life of these switches make it very valuable in small and precision circuitry. These switches have various size options that are 6*6, 7*7 , 8*8 ,8.5*8.5 etc

Also, as per the functionality required the number of contact pins can also vary from 2 to 12 copper contact pins.



Q] What is the MOQ from these switches ?

A] The Minimum order quantity – 5000 pieces 

Q] Are there any dust proof options available in VTR Switches?

A] The above mentioned options are available in all different sizes. Furthermore, Kindly contact us at 9599895526

Q] What are the specifications of the material used in these switches?

A] The plastic used in these switches is high grade fire retardant material. Also, The contact pins used are of copper material that increases conductivity and decreases the possibility of spark at connection.

NOTE : We entertain only wholesale requirements. Also, For any specific requirements of electronic spare parts, feel free to reach out to us.