Among all the variety of switches available toggle switches are the most rigid and fire resistance. This is mainly due to the fact that they are mostly made of metal body. This increases their resistance towards outer parameters as compared to plastic switches. 

These switches can have many variables as per application that includes 

  • Number of contact pins 
  • Size
  • Ampere rating 
  • Functionality i.e [ 2way, 3way, non-latching etc ]

In case of toggle switches the quality of contacts and metal play a major role in exponentially increase the lifetime of the switch. Also, silver platted contacts minimise the possibility of spark in the switch.

Toggle switches are used in everyday DC appliances and also in heavy AC machinery.

It is only feasible due to some high quality google switches manufactured. Here, emphasis is given on providing the best quality silver platting to the contact pins. Providing higher ampere dispersion, removing the possibility of melt and best ampere jerk-load resistance as compared to any other switches.

Also, in many applications these switches are preferred due to their Tactile and rigid clicking. One of the example for same is the usage, they are used in cars and police bikes.

Toggle switch fulfils the category where all other switches fail to perform, all due to the above mentioned reasons.

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