Tactile switches are one click switches with a variety of applications. These Switches provides one click functionality where each click can be programmed as per requirement. If ON OFF functionality is required, options like push switches and rocker switches are available. The two common sizes for the switch include 6*6 mm length and width and 12*12 mm length and width. The most industrial switches out of these include 6*6 5H tactile switch, 6*6 13H switch, 12*12 7.3H tactile switches. These switches can be through hole switches or smd( surface mount device ) switches. Other Options in tactile switches include 3*4 mm and 3*6 mm tactile switch.
The knob height of these switches have an option from 4.3 mm to 22 mm and have knob color options like Black, Red and Blue. Swastik Mechatronics only provides best quality tactile switch with brass contact pins.

Frequently Asked Questions for Tactile Switches

Q ] Do You Have color Options for These Switches ?
YES, We provide Black Blue and Red color options.

Q ] Do you Provide SMD Tactile Switches ?
YES, we provide both SMD and Through hole Tactile Switches.

Q] What knob sizes do you have for these switches ?
We provide complete variety of knob sizes for 6*6 and 12*12 tactile switches ranging from 4.3 mm to 24 mm knob height.

Q] Where can I get quotation for bulk quantities purchase of tactile switch ?
You can contact us at our email address swastikmechatronics@gmail.com . Also you can call us at 9599895526 for Bulk Quantity Quotations or any other enquiries .

Q] Where can I procure these switch from ?
We provide delivery all over India. You just need to contact us at our contact number or email address mentioned on the top of our website. Also we have our physical outlet in Lajpat Rai market ,Delhi -110088