Slide Switches provide on off or multiple functionalities with the slide of it’s knob. These switches are available in two mounting styles that is through hole mounting or PCB mounting. Slide Switches do not provide option for SMD mounting. if there is a requirement for SMD mounting Tactile Switches must be opted for.
Slide switches can 2 to 4 functionalities. Contact Terminals of these switches vary from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 27 pins. There are multiple knob size options for these switch. The knob sizes can range from 2 mm to 15 mm heights. These switches an be 2 way ,3 way or 4 way. There is also an exception where we have a toggle type slide switch.
Swastik Mechactronics also provides SEC slide switches. SEC is a leading brand name for slide switches , potentiometers and Hot Melt Adhesives with good and consistent quality.

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

Q] Do You provide SEC brand band switches ?
Yes,we do. SEC switches have a great quality and longer lifetime as compared to it’s competition. By the way we provide Slide Switches of 3 brands namely – SEC , DC and TOY.

Q] Do you have 6 pins 2 way slide switch ?
Yes, we provide your required products.

Q] What is the tax on these switches ?

the tax on these switches is 18% ie the GST.

Q] Do you have any slide switch for torch manufacturing ?

Yes, we have multiple options for slide switches that are used in torch manufacturing. Please contact us at 09599895526