Rocker Switches have multiple applications in the electronics manufacturing industry. They are also used in control panels, power supplies, household appliances, computer sockets, and others. These switches have functionalities like on-off, center-off, and push type. Rocker switches have iron and brass contact options. Illuminated rocker switches have also become mainstream due to their esthetics and functionality. The number of contact pins in these switches varies from 2 contact pins to 6 contact pins, depending on the requirement.

Riveted brass contacts and fire retardant polymer material provide the best-in-class quality of these switches. Swastik Mechatronics provides high-quality switches to their customers as per their requirements. The ampere rating of these switches ranges from 3 amperes to 30 amperes. Four (4) major types of rocker switches include SPST (single pole single throw), SPDT (single pole double throw), DPST (double pole single throw), and DPDT ( double pole single throw ).

 Special push-type rocker switches, i.e., heavy-duty copper contacts switch with code ROSL30, are also a possible option. All rocker, as mentioned above, switches variants are available with Swastik Mechatronics. Other types of switches include Micro Switches and Slide Switches.

Frequently Asked Questions


 Q] Do you have dust proof rocker switches ?

YES, we provide complete variety of switch which include dust proof switch , illuminated switches and waterproof switches.
We also provide separate dust covering for 6 ampere and 8 ampere round rocker switches.

Q] Do you provide high quality in these switches ?

Yes, We can provide switches with Riveted brass contacts that are considered the highest quality switches.

Q] What maximum ampere rating can you provide for these switches ?
The maximum ampere rating provided by us is 20 amperes.

Q] what is ampere rating for round rocker switch ?
Generally the ampere rating for round rocker switch is between 6 to 10 amperes.


Q] Where can I get bulk quantities quotation ?

For any quotation or enquiry contact us at or 09599895526