Switches that only provide ON-OFF functionality with locking and push options on a single click are called push switches. Push Switch dominates a significant portion of the Electronic switch industry. This is because of its vast range of options and applications. The two effective types of push switches are latching and non-latching switches. Non-latching switches constitute push to ON and Push to OFF functionality. These switches generally have a lower ampere rating than that of the rocker switch and micro switches, except for heavy metal power switches like PUS82

As per the application, these switches are made of plastics or metal. Also, due to increased diversification of use, Push and power switches are now available in dust-proof, waterproof, and high ampere rating options. All of the mentioned ranges of controls are available with Swastik Mechatronics. The company also provides sampling services for product verification and customer satisfaction. Swastik Mechatronics also provides pan India Delivery to make the entire purchase process hassle-free.

If higher ampere rating is required please refer to Micro and Toggle Switches


Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ] around Push Switch

Q] Do you provide illuminated metal push switch?

Yes, we provide illuminated metal push switches with various voltages and colour options like RED ,GREEN,BLUE etc.

For further information please reach us at swastikmechatronics@gmail.com or 9599895526.

Q] Please confirm if you have push to off metal switch?

Yes we do, please refer to PUS01 switch which is a push to off functioning switch.

Q] Do you have dust proof plastic push switch?

Yes, the switch PUS23 is dust proof and water resistant switch.

Q] What switch is better for 16 ampere on off requirement?

In our understanding these switches won’t be a solution for you if the ampere requirement is 16A. Rocker switches will be a better option for ON OFF functionality in 16A.