Microswitches usually are of 2 major configurations i.e NO and NC. This functionality translates to push to ON configuration or Push to OFF configuration. 


Microswitches are very necessary part of any circuit as they work as a limit switch in many of them. 

The ampere rate and contact pins quality and metal are a very crucial aspect to be considered.


Microswitches usually come in 4 different size. Thereafter these sizes are selected on the bases of applications.

The ampere ratings for these microswitches range from 1 ampere to 30 amperes.

Due to very crucial functioning of micro switches, the higher quality micro switches with higher amperes consist of Silver platted contact pins. This to minimise error and overcome any possibility of spark at contact.

The higher quality micro switches consists of riveted contact pins with silver and copper plating.


Also, another important parameter of these micro-switches include button force consistency. Therefore the force require to push the micro switch should have high cycle consistency. Hence, The push force for this switch can be 36gm ,60gm ,100gm , 150gm , 200gm. 36gm being the softest and 200gm being the hardest.


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