We are a leading supplier of XLR socket that are MALE and FEMALE sockets. XLR Connectors are 3 pin sockets. These connectors are either Male or are Female. The major applications include sound applications like connectors for speakers,mics and Electric vehicles or high density lightening options.
Swastik Mechatronics provides option to buy XLR socket in bulk. best price XLR sockets all over India. Pan in India delivery Options at best prices.Complete variety of fitting options in these sockets are shown bellow. Contact us for any bellow mentioned variant or any other type of socket you may want. We provide complete solution to Switches ,Sockets ,Potentiometers ,Product Holders and Hot Melt Adhesives.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Q] Do You have dust proof XLR Socket option ?
Yes, please refer to XLS03 for more information.

Q] Do you have push Xlr socket ?
Yes we do have push xlr socket. Please refer to the products shown above.

Q] Do you provide complete cable with XLR connector ?
No, we can only provide the XLR connector and not the cable.

Q] Where do i get the quotation for these products ?
Please fill the form for the product you are inerested in or contact us at swastikmechatronics@gmail.com .