Audio Sockets are the 2.5 mm ,3.5 mm and 6.35 mm sockets. These Sockets can be Mono or Stereo in functionality. The 3.5 mm Sockets are generally used for compact deviceslike phones , wired earphones and stereos . Whereas the 6.35 mm sockets are generally used where high accuracy is required or high amperes are present like in guitars, mics , DJ systems and home theaters. These Audio Sockets can have fitting options like PCB and Vertical Pins. Also number of contact terminal can vary from minimum of 3 contact pins to a maximum of 9 contact pins depending upon the functionality required.
Both these sockets can have a variety of fittings and number of contact terminals as per the functionality.
You can set up supply chain for all the above mentioned variants of these Audio sockets with Swastik Mechatronics. Where you can have high quality ,consistant and pan India supply for your requirement.

If you cannot find your preferred socket here please put your requirement under Specific Requirement Column.


Q] Do you have mic Socket ?
YES, we have mic sockets that are also referred to as 6.35 mm Audio Sockets in many variants as shown above.

Q] Can you deliver in Rajasthan ?
Yes, we have pan India delivery facility.

Q] Do you have 7 pin Mic Socket and can you first provide samples of it for quality verification ?
Yes we have 7 pin Mic Socket. Yes we do provide fixed price sampling service.

Q] do you have 5 pins 3.5 mm Audio Socket ?
Yes we do, please refer to EPS40 for more information.