AC Sockets are the sockets that work with AC voltages. Also their current ratings are also high [ can range upto 15 ampere ] as compared to DC Sockets. These sockets have many applications. These applications include adaptors, CPUs ,GPUs , industrial products and any connections that are directly done from the mains [ i.e 250 volts outlets]. There are a variety of AC socket options available. Majorly there are 2 and 3 contact pins AC sockets. Exceptions include 5 pin AC Socket, Socket with fuse, Ac Socket with fuse and switch, AC Plugs i.e Male AC Plug and Female AC Plug.

These sockets have both Iron and Brass options. The most common fitting options include Lock fitting, Screw Fitting, DIP pins and PCB pins fitting.

All of the above mentioned mentioned variants of ac sockets are available with Swastik Mechatronics. Also the products provided by Swastik Mechatronics are best in class and are provided with pan India delivery option.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have 3 pins Ac Plugs ?
Yes we do please refer to the above mentioned products.

Q] Are these products Rohs compliant ?
yes these products are Rohs compliant.

Q] Can you provide female ac socket ?
Yes, you can get both iron and brass contact terminal femlae ac socket. Please refer to COS013 and fill the form for further information and quotation,