Hot Melt Glue Sticks

SEC Hot Melt Glue Stick Adhesives with different Melt temperature Ranges as per your applications. These Glue sticks Adhesives can be used in industrial and other applications. These SEC Brand Glue Stick Top Sellers in highest quality Adhesive Markets. SEC Glue Sticks have now been a reliable and consistant option for Lots of industry users. SEC glue sticks are high quality industry leading adhesives.

These glue sticks have high adhesive properties and high temperature resistance.

The Milky white glue stick has the highest temperature resistance ie it does not reduce grip when exposed to high temperatures. this is the reason why the milky white glue stick is used in circuits like smps etc.

The black glue stick provides the heaviest gumming strength of all. hence is used in placed of movable products.

Buy glue stick in high quality, bulk orders accepted with swastik mechatronics pvt. ltd.

Also, along with these glue sticks, glue guns are also available.

White, black, milky adhesives are available as well as special adhesives for textiles, wood and plastic cable. Special adhesives give stronger built between the components being bonded together.

The glue sticks are always available in 2 diameter sizes. Both short and long variants are available in stock. Short glue sticks are also available.