Product holders basically provide a stiff mounting space for fuses and batteries. Also they provide heavy contacts for movement of current. The material used here is fire retardant and have great dimensional stability. Also the contacts for fuse and cell holders are preferred to be of brass or copper because iron contacts will lead to spark and early degradation of product.
Fuse Holders are widely of 3 types requirements – 5*20 mm fuse holder  -6*30 mm fuse holders and automotive fuse holders. All of these options have multiple fitting varients as shown bellow.
Battery Holders are available for a complete variety of batteries that include lithium battery holder , AA cell holder , AAA cell holder , 18650 cell Holders and 2023 Round cell Holders. All of these types of battery holders have have different fitting types.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] around Fuse and Cell Holders

Q] Do you have 5*20 mm fuse holder?

Yes, We do have 5*20 mm fuse holder. We also provide 6*30 mm fuse holders.

Q] Can you deliver Lithium ion battery holders?

Yes, We provide 18650 lithium ion battery cell holder in 1, 2, 3 and 4 cells options.

Q] Do you have delivery option for Maharashtra ?

Yes, Swastik Mechatronics have Pan India Delivery facility.

Q] I require AA cell holder with dust proof box covering. Do you availability for this?

Yes, we have covered cell holders for AA and AAAA cells. Please refer to product code CEH13.